Kristin Pairs Resteva with CBD Isolate For a More Restful Sleep

A good night’s sleep is fundamental to good physical and mental health. The entire body relies on that time to rest and repair, so when Kristin started noticing that it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with her busy lifestyle, she turned to Results RNA’s Pure CBD Extra Strength paired with Resteva sleep formula to help her get back to feeling like herself.

As the owner of a wedding planning business, a wife, and a mother of five children, Kristin has a lot of people depending on her. When she noticed that she couldn’t keep up with her normal routines, and that the tasks she had built her life around were becoming more difficult, she knew that she needed to find something to help her bounce back quickly.

“I was complaining one day to my brother about feeling like a million years old, and he introduced me to CBD oil, and then paired that with Resteva to help me get some better sleep at night,” Kristin shares.

Sleep is intrinsically connected to health, and when sleep suffers, health suffers. Cognitive function, physical performance, mood, and immune health are just a few of the body’s functions that are affected by sleep. ( 

Pure CBD Extra Strength has many benefits including:

  • Promoting deep and restful sleep
  • Regulating the body’s natural inflammatory response
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Helping regulate mood

Pure CBD promotes a deep, restful sleep by improving mood and preparing the body for sleep, and it doesn’t stop there. Many studies have shown that CBD also helps you stay asleep all night long and promotes wakefulness in the morning, making it a great choice for a natural sleep aid.

Resteva  also includes many ingredients that promote a restful sleep such as:

  • GABA and 5-HTP which helps with sleep initiation
  • Valerian Root which supports the body’s natural melatonin production
  • L-Theanine which promotes calm without daytime grogginess

The ingredients in the Resteva sleep formula, paired with one of Results RNA’s Pure CBD tinctures, promote a restful sleep which improves overall health throughout the entire day, from energy levels to discomfort. 

“Within just a little while of starting those products,” she adds, “I was able to sleep much better. I started feeling like myself again and got my energy up enough to do the things that I needed to do.”

Kristin no longer lets her health hold her back from doing the things that are important, and neither should you. 

Try Results RNA’s Pure CBD Extra Strength Broad Spectrum or Isolate formulas, paired with the Resteva sleep formula and see the difference a good night’s rest can make in your life.

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