Kelli’s Experience with Topical CBD After Car Accident

Kelli endured a car accident that left her with significant health issues and considerable discomfort. After talking to her physician about her options, she began to search out products that could help with her discomfort. Most of what she tried didn’t seem to help at all.

Then, she found Pure CBD Topical, “Since using this CBD lotion every morning I have had less discomfort. I have put it in my morning routine to help, and use it when needed.”

Kelli has used similar products in the past, and was a little worried about the minty scent, “I was apprehensive at first, because of bad experiences with minty scented lotions and creams because my skin is super sensitive. However, the minty cool effects in this lotion haven’t irritated my skin and the cooling feels nice on my neck. This is the one that will be in my morning routine and my go to for the rest of my life.”

The calming, soothing, and rejuvenating effects of Pure CBD Topical are largely due to the quality of CBD they contain. Our topical formula is made with high quality, organically sourced CBD and utilizes our famous patented Advanced Cellular Technology. This allows for greater absorption, and longer lasting effect.

Pure CBD Topical is perfect for targeting localized muscle discomfort externally. For internal use, we suggest our robust line of Pure CBD tinctures and gummies!

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