Broad Spectrum CBD: Customer Review

“I’m no stranger to dietary supplements, especially those that help with mental stress, increase quality of life, and help you sleep better. I’ve developed a lot of personal favorites over the years: Ashwagandha, Maca Root, Reishi, etc.

I’ve recently been taking a CBD Isolate from a different brand with a regular dose of about 60mg once a day. The Isolate I took was mixed with MCT oil, which for me meant I had to take it with food. I find that MCT oil on an empty stomach kinda makes my stomach feel gross for a few minutes. The Isolate CBD definitely helped with taking the edge off my regular free-floating anxiety, but I didn’t notice a big difference with my daily inflammation: I workout pretty regularly with weights, running and so forth.

Recently, however, I wanted to try a Broad Spectrum CBD to see any differences. I got the 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD from Results RNA and the typical serving is 33.4mg per serving. It’s recommended to be taken twice daily; typically before meals. The other CBD Isolate brands typically had a 60mg dose in one serving, so they roughly added up to be the same. I took a serving before lunch each day and another just before going to bed. Over the next week, I had the chance to notice some differences between the two products:

  • It felt easier on my stomach.
  • I noticed a greater reduction of anxiety.
  • I slept better and woke up less groggy.
  • I found myself handling my daily stress and inflammation better.

I personally felt like Results RNA’s Broad Spectrum did a lot better in my system. The base oil is Organic, Extra virgin Hemp seed oil which I could easily take on an empty stomach compared to the MTC oil base of the CBD Isolate I took from another brand. It also contained Organic Peppermint oil, which does soothe the stomach, aid in digestion, and it gave the oil a great mint flavor.

I find that most CBD Oils taste very hemp-like, which some like and others find too grassy or earthy for their tastes. Results RNA’s broad spectrum CBD felt like the onset was more subtle compared to the other brands of Isolate CBD, which was actually nice and even though the serving was half I did feel like it was better taken twice daily vs just once a day.

Taking it before bed was new to me, but I did find it helped remove nighttime stress. I’ve struggled to fall asleep in the past. Sometimes my brain likes to worry about getting enough sleep, and this ironically makes it harder to fall asleep until I can relax enough. It was a nice addition to my nighttime ritual and allowed my mind to unwind a little at bedtime.

Sleep did feel a little more restful, and on days where I didn’t get a lot of sleep, my usual worries about the day and having to perform on subpar sleep was actually a lot less intense, which made it easier to stop fretting and get ready for the day instead of wrestling with the worry for a while.

Finally, I found the stress of regular inflammation in my body to be less noticeable. Flexibility came just a tad bit easier, and strain on muscles had subtly eased up after long walks and runs.

While it may not be the strongest anti-inflammatory, it certainly was a pleasant addition to take along with anything else I have supplement-wise. I see this being a very easy addition to nearly any supplement you take daily, especially when it affects so many quality of life aspects.

All in all, I personally liked the Broad Spectrum CBD by Results RNA more than I did the CBD Isolate I had been taking from other brands. It felt better formulated, and I personally responded to it better with the two servings daily. I highly recommend anyone to try CBD to see how it affects you personally, and think the 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD from Results RNA is a great place to start.”

  • Taylor P.
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