Best Stretches for Neck Pain

Neck pain can be nearly impossible to relieve if the right strategies are not implemented. Neck pain is caused by various factors that cause strain in the neck muscles. Several remedies and stretches can be very effective in relieving neck pain. However, Results RNA CBD pain cream is also available, and combining the cream with neck stretches can have incredible outcomes. 


Below are some stretches and supplements that can assist with neck discomfort. 


  1. Neck Flexion 

This stretch assists in stretching the back of your neck as you can feel it behind your neck (SPINE-health). 


  • Look downward as you tilt your chin towards your chest; only your head should move. 
  • Once you have moved the head as far forward as possible, hold the position for approximately five seconds, then return to a neutral position. 


  1. Neck Rotation 

It can be performed while sitting or standing (HSS). It is recommended to only move to the sides partly to reduce the possibility of increased pain (SPINE-health). 


  • With a straight back, keep the shoulders still. 
  • Gradually turn your head to the left as far as possible without adding to your pain. 
  • Return to a neutral position, then repeat the stretch to your right side. 


  1. Neck Extension 

This stretch is mainly felt at the front of the neck (SPINE-health). 


  • Gently extend your chin outwards away from your chest. 
  • Keep your shoulders still and extend the neck, looking upwards. 
  • Look upwards as far as the neck can go without causing pain. 
  • Hold for five seconds, then return to neutral and repeat. 


It is best to use CBD pain cream to complement these stretches since it is vital in helping with discomfort. CBD cream contains components that assist with muscle relaxation and coping with neck aches. Consider using Results RNA’s Pure CBD pain cream to assist your neck comfort and mobility.



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