The Link Between Sleep and Focus

When you have a difficult night’s sleep, it feels impossible to wake up the morning after. Without the right CBD sleep aid, you might even press the snooze button one or two more times just to get some more of that restorative slumber. Later in the day, you start noticing it is getting harder to remain focused. 


Something as simple as the phone ringing in the office next door can quickly interrupt your concentration when you have had a poor night’s sleep. Usually, such distractions would go unnoticed. And that begs the question, what is the relationship between sleep and focus? 


Sleepiness Slows Down Your Thinking Process 

Recent studies have found that lower alertness and concentration are among the primary effects of sleep deprivation. You will find it more challenging to pay attention and focus if you’ve slept poorly the previous night. Therefore, this situation hinders your ability to execute tasks that require complex thought and logical reasoning. 


Poor Sleep Makes Learning Difficult 

There are two main ways that sleep deprivation impacts your ability to learn. We have already learned that poor sleep can make you lose focus on what you do. Lack of focus makes it more challenging to collect and understand information, which compromises your efficient learning.


Excessive Sleepiness Impairs Memory 

Did you know that there are nerve connections that make our memories grow stronger when we sleep? Scientific research shows that sleep embeds the things you have encountered throughout the day into short-term memory. Therefore, disrupted sleep interferes with the different cycles/phases of sleep that contribute differently to consolidating new information into your memory. 


To avoid this, researchers suggest that CBD sleep aid products integrate compounds in cannabis like CBD and CBN that can promote healthy sleep. 


Beat Sleepiness and Poor Focus With Results RNA 

Remember that you don’t have to fall asleep behind the wheel to be dangerous on the road– drowsiness alone can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Thankfully, CBD sleep aid supplements from Results RNA can help boost focus, avoid sleepiness, and make your reaction time faster.


At Results RNA, our CBD sleep aid supplements feature pure CBD and CBN that research has shown to support healthy sleep, thus boosting focus. 



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