What is a CBD Sleep Aid?

Sleep is an essential aspect of your physical and mental wellbeing. Lack of sleep contributes to the decline of your body’s physical and psychological strength. Stress and physical discomforts are some of the biggest contributors to poor sleeping habits.

If you have problems with lack of sleep that constantly saps your energy every morning and affects your life quality, then Results RNA has good news for you. CBD sleep aids offer a holistic remedy to your poor sleeping habits and boosts your immunity.

How CBD Helps You Sleep

CBD helps you fall and stay asleep

During a night of normal sleep, one will wake up two to three times. However, people with sleeping disorders find themselves waking up far more often. Extraneous factors like stress and weak immune system are the contributing factors to such conditions.

CBD sleep aids help by inducing the desire to sleep and helping you stay asleep for the whole night, according to a study done in 2013. Therefore, you’ll wake up fresh and full of spirit in the morning without the nagging desire to go back to bed.

CBD helps eliminate nightmares

According to a study done in 2014, nightmares contribute highly to sleep disturbance. CBD sleep aids offer a fantastic remedy to these conditions by reducing the frequency of nightmares. It helps the body get into a deep, restful sleep and significantly eliminates instances of having daunting nightmares that’ll bolt you out of sleep.

CBD boosts the quality of sleep

If you have been having trouble with the quality of your sleep lately, then CBD sleep aids are the proper holistic remedy for you. Research indicates that 70% of those using a CBD sleep aid reported better quality sleep. CBD helps regulate your moods and prepare your body and mind for sleep. A calm mind aids the body’s natural response, thus allowing you to relax and have a perfect night’s sleep.

Resteva Rx

Resteva Rx is a CBD sleep by Results RNA that includes 120 mg of CBD and 9 mg of melatonin that induces deeply calming and refreshing sleep. For those with chronic sleep issues, this is revolutionary. Easily fall asleep and stay asleep with this CBD sleep aid.

Get the best night’s sleep of your life with Resteva Rx, a CBD sleep aid by Results RNA.


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