The Benefits and Science Concerning CBD

You’ve undoubtedly heard the hype and claims surrounding medical Cannabis or its components tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis, more commonly known as hemp or marijuana, actually contains over 80 compounds called cannabinoids, but THC and CBD are the primary components and the most studied. 

Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, impact cells throughout your body including cells in your central nervous system and immune system. So, cannabinoids can impact your mind as well as your body. This is the reason for the wide variety of claims and applications for Cannabis sweeping the nation, with products available for both you and your pets. 

Most people have heard about THC, as it is the chemical responsible for the high associated with marijuana. While CBD is not as well known, it offers many benefits without the risks of intoxication associated with THC. 

Hemp, the strain of Cannabis plant we use to make our CBD oil, contains a much lower amount of THC, and a higher amount of CBD. In manufacturing, we remove virtually all THC content. 

This article explores the health benefits of CBD as reported in scientific journals for some of the most common modern complaints—stress, discomfort, and poor sleep. 

Isn’t Stress Normal? Why Should I be Worried?

Stress. Worry. Fear. We’ve all experienced these intense emotions at some point in life. Sometimes the stress is manageable and easily dealt with. In some cases, however, these feelings can take over an individual’s life and inhibit them from enjoying life normally. 

Dealing with these intense emotions isn’t easy. The chemical reactions behind these feelings can be complex, layered, biological, and out of control. 

When you encounter something stressful, your body undergoes a chain of events that prepare you to either stand and fight, or get away from the situation. When this response gets out of control, you begin to worry about what could happen too frequently, which has the potential to cause much larger mental and physical health concerns. 

The Impact of Stress on the Body

The impact of stress has been linked to numerous modern health concerns including metabolic, immunological, cardiovascular, and neurological related conditions. With the high levels of risk connected to uncontrolled stress, your body has developed several ways to help get the stress response back under control. 

One of the ways your body limits the impact of stress is through a system of the body called the endocannabinoid (ECS) system. Fun fact, endocannabinoids were named based on their similarity to components of Cannabis. The ECS system is intimately involved in important aspects of daily life including mood, learning, and energy balance. Regarding mood, the ECS system plays a critical role in shutting down the stress response, sensitivity to stressors, and the ability to adapt to stressors.

The two primary components of Cannabis, THC and CBD, have both been shown to promote calm. However, CBD may be preferable to THC for three reasons:

  1. Higher amounts of THC have been shown to cause anxiousness. CBD, on the other hand, has been used to reverse the effect of too much THC.
  2. CBD does not have the intoxicating effects associated with THC.
  3. CBD does not possess any addictive properties and has been investigated as an aid to those in drug rehabilitation and sobriety.

In studies, CBD helped with two different aspects of anxiousness. CBD was shown to reduce the worry that develops when we think about what could happen and decrease the stress around certain memories to help move past avoiding something.

CBD Extra Strength from Results RNA contains only CBD and none of the other components of Cannabis for a simple and effective product. In fact, each batch is tested to ensure this standard is maintained.

The Power of CBD in Dealing with Discomfort

Aches and discomfort come from many different sources. Some of these include aging, overexertion, poor inflammatory responses, lack of sleep, and many others. All these things have one thing in common—an active immune system. 

The actions of CBD in the body are diverse and have effects beyond the ECS system. CBD has been shown to have a beneficial effect on immune activity in a variety of tissues, such as joint and eye tissues, as well as organs including the GI tract, liver, and lungs. Research has found CBD alters immune activity in several ways. Some of the effects demonstrated through the use of CBD included:

  1. Suppression of immune cell activation and movement
  2. Reduction in cytokines and chemokines, proteins involved in activating and perpetuating immune activity, including one of the most frequently discussed, TNF-α
  3. Enhanced signalling of adenosine, a chemical in the body that helps decrease immune activity, as well as a reduction in the activity of chemicals known to elevate the immune response 

The changes in the immune response caused by CBD not only help provide relief, but also protect surrounding tissue from damage. A related benefit of CBD is its ability to decrease the release of reactive oxygen species (ROS) from immune cells. When immune cells are activated, they produce and release ROS which includes free radicals. In the short term, this is beneficial, but long term exposure to free radicals triggers a range of consequences including, but not limited to, achiness and discomfort.

CBD to Promote Restful Sleep

Trouble sleeping is a real problem in the United States with almost 50% of adults reporting less sleep than recommended. It is well known that anxiousness can make getting a good night’s sleep difficult, and we are all aware that any kind of discomfort can keep us awake, tossing and turning all night. 

Based on the benefits for mood and discomfort previously explored, it comes as no surprise that CBD is often used to improve sleep. By calming the mind and relaxing the body, CBD prepares the body for a great night’s sleep, and allows the body to better feel signals of tiredness from the brain. Studies have shown that CBD use promotes faster sleep onset, deeper sleep, and more restful sleep. 

Considerations When Choosing Your CBD Product

With the wide variety of CBD options available, how do you choose? One consideration is whether you want a full spectrum CBD, a broad spectrum CBD, or an isolate CBD product. The THC found in full spectrum formulas may actually make anxiousness worse depending on the dose and are not legal in every state. Both broad spectrum and isolate CBD do not have this effect. Additionally, quality full spectrum formulas with known amounts of all components can be expensive.

Another important consideration is how much to take. If you would like to try CBD for aches and discomfort, remember the amount you take can impact your results. Regardless of your size or weight, be sure to start with a lower strength and work your way up to make sure you get the effect you are looking to achieve. 

Pure CBD Extra Strength Formulas

Our Pure CBD line offers both isolate and broad spectrum CBD formulas that are high quality and extremely effective. With full control of purity, manufacturing, efficacy, and testing, we pride ourselves in the quality of our CBD formulas. Results RNA offers CBD in strengths ranging from 200mg-5000mg, ensuring that your needs are met, no matter how severe. Our CBD is also available in a variety of forms. Results RNA carries both isolate and broad spectrum tinctures, topical CBD for localized muscle discomfort, and CBD gummies for your on-the-go needs. 

Have any more questions? Feel free to contact customer service or visit our frequently asked questions page!


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