9 Reasons Customers Trust Pure CBD Extra Strength by Results RNA

CBD is a growing industry with many new players. So, how do you know which CBD to buy? Results RNA has been in the research and manufacturing of professionally-trusted dietary supplements for over 20 years. Our line of Pure CBD products have been tried and trusted by customers and medical professionals around the country.

Here are 9 ways Pure CBD Extra Strength by Results RNA can make a difference in your life.

1) When products are made well, customers can tell. Our CBD products are made with 100% organic ingredients:

  • Virgin Organic Hempseed Oil
  • Organic Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract (aerial parts)
  • Other Ingredients: Organic Peppermint (leaves)

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced, combined in our onsite GMP certified facility,  and tested for quality and purity. That’s quality you can trust!

2) Ever needed something to calm your nerves and mind before bed? If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, it might be time to try Pure CBD. Research shows that CBD has a calming effect on the nervous system and can aid with reducing sleep-related stress.

Many customers have paired our CBD with Resteva Sleep formula for the best night sleep they’ve ever had.

Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30624194/

3) Results RNA Pure CBD oils come in several strengths for added personalization. Additionally, you can choose between CBD Isolate or Broad Spectrum. Or, if a more earthy flavor profile isn’t for you, try our new fruit-flavored CBD Gummies.

Learn more about the strength and formulation differences here:

  • Pure CBD Broad Spectrum
  • Pure CBD Isolate
  • Pure CBD Gummies

4) Need support for your muscles or joints like Kelli did? Pure CBD Topical products can be applied to any affected area to get quick and targeted help to the areas that need it most.

Whether you have tension or tightness in your neck, knees, joints, or muscles; our Topical CBD can provide soothing relaxation.

Hear how Pure CBD Topical helped Kelli regain her life after her car accident.

5) CBD can help stimulate and improve immune system health. What’s mainly at work here is the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining balance among the body’s other systems. Among the many things the ECS regulates is cell function, including those within the immune system.

Looking for added immune support? Pure CBD pairs perfectly with other immune boosting products such as the Ultimate Immune Support System.

6) CBD can help improve mobility and motor skills! It has already been shown in many studies that CBD has neuroprotective properties. This means that in cases of mobility problems due to neurodegenerative issues, CBD is capable of improving the symptoms of loss of mobility and motor skills by supporting a healthy inflammatory response and protecting from further damage.

7) CBD has never been more versatile. Results RNA now offers Pure CBD Broad Spectrum and Isolate oils, topical CBD and delicious CBD gummies. So, whether you’re looking for convenience, taste, or delivery method, we’ve got you covered.

8)  Do you know the difference between broad spectrum CBD oils and Isolate?

Isolate CBD oil uses only a small portion of the hemp plant, isolating only the cannabinoid CBD. This makes supplementing with Isolate CBD very precise, exact, and potent. Because of this, many doctors prefer prescribing Pure CBD Isolate to their patients.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil uses more of the hemp plant, while still excluding THC. This formula retains all of the natural flavonoids, terpenes, and antioxidants that the hemp plant has to offer, which come along with significant benefits.

Pure CBD Broad Spectrum formulas also contain quantifiable amounts of CBDv and CBG, which come with their own particular benefits.

Pure CBD broad spectrum offers additional benefits for inflammatory concerns, stomach discomfort, mood, and sleep. With an almost indiscernible THC content, broad spectrum is perfect for those who want as little THC as possible.

9) Results RNA cares about quality. That is why we use high quality organically sourced ingredients, manufacture in our own GMP certified facility, test for quality and purity, and never use any unnatural fillers or flavorings ever. Infused with our Advanced Cellular technology that increases bioavailability and efficacy, Pure CBD provides a difference in quality that you can feel.

Allow Pure CBD by Results RNA to make a difference in your life! Pure CBD by Results RNA has a formula and strength for everyone. Whether your concerns are mild or severe,  you’ll find your CBD here. Visit our FAQs page to learn more!

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